DocuMation, LLC

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At DocuMation, LLC our goal is to help professionals get the most out of their time. We specialize in training, programming and consulting services for Time Matters, Billing Matters, HotDocs and PC-Law.

Practice Management

Because we believe software integration is the key to efficiency, we focus on getting ALL your software to work together. This helps eliminate redundancy which increases output. The result – a reduction in costs and an increase in profits! Time Matters is the leader in Practice Management.

Time & Billing

Looking for a complete solution for your time and billing needs?. Look no further. Billing Matters is here! Your “bottom line” can depend on it! You can depend on DocuMation to help you implement this program alone, or in conjunction with Time Matters.

Document Automation

Would you like to assemble detailed, accurate customized documents in minutes?HotDocs, the No. 1 document assembly software on the market today is your answer. DocuMation has the know how to program templates for your use or teach you how to do it yourself.